PGDS Review 2021

PGDS Review  


The growth and development of this Province is the collective responsibility of government, business, labour and civil society and the first Provincial Growth and Development Strategy (PGDS) was developed and adopted in 2011, in consultation with all growth and development partners and stakeholders in the Province of KwaZulu-Natal. It was agreed that the PGDS is reviewed every five years and, as such, a consultative review was undertaken in 2016 and the 2021 PGDS review is now in process. In the best interest of alignment, coordination and integration, the framework for the review of the 2021 PGDS reflects the seven priorities as pronounced in the 2019 -2024 Medium Term Strategic Framework.
The Review of the 2021 PGDS is guided by a high level situational or strategic analysis of where it is that the Province currently finds itself, is informed by reports on the successes and failures in the implementation of the Provincial Strategy last reviewed in 2016, as well as by perception surveys done to determine the priority areas or issues the citizens of this Province expect a reviewed strategy to address.
It must be emphasised that the PGDS is not just a government strategy for the Province, but it is a strategy through which government, business, labour and civil society reaches consensus on:
  1. what the key priorities of the Province are;
  2. what the collective impact is we want to make;
  3. what the anticipated outcomes are that we want to see realised;
  4. what the interventions are we will focus on to achieve this;
  5. how we will measure our performance in this regard; and
  6. where are we going to do this and what are our spatial priorities.


Source Documents

  1. The 2019-2024 MTSF
  2. The National 25 Year Review
  3. The Stats SA Citizen Satisfaction Surveys
  4. The 2020 KZN Socio-Economic Overview
  5. Provincial Performance Review (2014-2019)




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