Poverty Eradication MasterPlan

The Poverty Eradication Master Plan (PEMP) is a bold and multi-pronged plan for eradicating poverty in the Province and giving dignity to our people. The PEMP is positioned within the context of the PGDP as depicted in the diagram below.


The implementation approach of the PEMP is targeted on:

-          the most deprived households;

-          in the most deprived wards; and

-          in most deprived municipalities.

The Province has 3.2 millionpeople living in conditions of extreme poverty, the majority of which households are in the identified 169 poorest wards. Most of these 169 poorest wards are located in the 5 Local Municipalities ranked as the poorest in the Province, namely Msinga, Umhlabuyalingana, Maphumulo, Vulamehlo and Nkandla.

This targeted implementation approach comprises of 4 phases as follows:

Phase 1: the 5 most deprived municipalities in KZN

Phase 2: the 5 most deprived wards in each District of KZN

Phase 3: expand to all 169 poorest wards in KZN

Phase 4: the rest of the wards in KZN

The implementation of the PEMP is centred on a Poverty Eradication Operations Centre (PEOC) based within the Office of the Premier. The PEOC comprises of both a dedicated full-time Operations Centre Management Team and a team of assigned Departmental Specialists who remain full time officials of their respective departments, being released for one designated day a week to assist with coordination and implementation of the PEMP.

The successful implementation of the PEMP will rely heavily on the support from all Departments, State Owned Entities, Municipalities, the Private Sector and the NGO Sector.

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